Walking shoes, which are the best?

The question to choose walking shoes: “which are the best?” is sometimes not able to answer and luckily I got the opportunity to test the best walking shoes. A comparison!

Walking shoes

The result of this test questions from our community and my walking tours that we want to do in the Scottish highlands. So I’m going to test several walking shoes to get the best and I’m not going to cut it.

Cheap walking shoes

So if you’re looking for cheap hiking boots then you better think of Googling for another test of walking shoes. Although there are walking shoes which are cheap, often expensive one are bought because the risk of injury is lower in my experience.

Test walking shoes

Every year there is a comprehensive walking test held among others by the ANWB. It is nice, but what is the mean of such a walking test anyway? It says at least nothing that the shoe which is the best in ANWB walking test has also been the best shoe for you. All in all, below you can read more about the pros and cons of a walking test.The best walking shoes do not exist, but the best walking shoes for you does!

A cheap walking shoe is not automatically a bad walking shoe and therefore a cheap walking shoe can be a good walking shoe for you.

Conversely, it also works like this: a very expensive walking shoe can also be a terrible walking shoe for you because it does not reflect your wishes and running style.

A walking shoe is only good when (the walking shoe category) it fits your usage and your feet. Each foot is different and thus the shoe as very good, the test is still very bad on your feet, because it is just not right away.

To summarize: Each walker walks differently and therefore the shoe as moderate coming from the test, yet good enough for you as a walker which not more than one-block walk around the house with the dog … if the walking shoe is perfect!

Requirements of walking shoes

What is important about walking? Really only one thing:

– Will I get no blisters or sore feet along with it?

Blisters or sore feet screw up a great walking or hiking completely so this must be prevented. If walking shoes do make my feet sore or get me blisters then I will not take them.

Shoes to walk with long distance

It is usually walking shoes which in the category B or B/C are perfect for this

In addition, walking shoes are fine as they are:

– Do not be too hot

– Do not be too cold

– Do not stink too hard

– Do not wear out quickly

Light hiking

Choose now for those glitzy shoes or more modern light walking shoes? On vacation in the summer you can go with shoes that are not not waterproof, in fine colors for every far walk.

High or low boots

High shoes are also sometimes demanded to protect your ankles and your foot to flip fine and that is why many hikers choose them. I also go with high shoes when I walk on rough terrain but I prefer low one as it is friendly flat walk.

Choosing best walking shoes

Best walking shoes I choose only just go for quality as high comfort without blister and feet sore


How to make sure of your walking shoes size?

Fitting walking shoes is essential

In recent years more and more people was wondering whether they could give advice on the right walking shoe size. A wrongly chosen walking shoe can cause damage in the future to muscles fand joints. According to a large demand for expert advice, some study have been carried out. PK has made a free foot and gait analysis. Only in this way will the consultant together with you can find out the walking shoes which best suites your foot type, body type and running style.

Free foot and gait analysis

Unique method

To prevent blisters, back problems and injuries, it is important that you wear walking shoes that fit your body and workout style. A pair of wrongly chosen walking shoe can cause damage in the future to muscles and joints.

The expert consultants fit a unique way of working, so that you can rest and assure that you will go home with the right walking shoe.

Introductory talk

In the introductory discussion, various data have discussed with you, such as training data, complaints and injury history. This information is indeed a major role in finding the right walking shoe.

Foot Mirror Analysis

At the foot mirror analysis feet from underexposed, so the advisor can see what type of foot you have and what you need from a walking shoes. After the foot mirror analysis you will know which walking style and which shoes are possibly suitable for you.

From this selection of walking style, the consultant will work with you to find out what shoes are the best in fit and settlement. You can indicate your wishes on the shoe yourself. The various materials are also discussed and we look for what best suits your training style.


When you have a number of suitable shoes fit, you often already have a slight preference for a particular pair of shoe. To ensure that this really is the best choice for you, try the shoe on the 35 meter long indoor walk to settle it once more thoroughly. This tells the advisor that this is really the most appropriate shoes to you.

Good walking shoes: buying tips (Part 2)

1. Are you looking for good walking shoes? Let us give you some tips!

You are looking for walking shoes but you might not know where you’ve been up to look out for and what is important. In that case, you may need our help. On this page we give you many tips which will allow you to prepare for the purchase for your walking shoes and prevent a bad buy from occur. This avoids the possibility that your shoes disappear after one time and never to come out the closet again.

2. Should you be prepared? Preventing a bad buy? Read our advice!

On this page we like to prepare you for purchasing a good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots. In short, our advice concludes steps as follows:

  • Prepare yourself, read some information
  • Choose the category of shoe that meet your needs
  • Go for the purchase to a specialist with good staff
  • Let your feet measured and expect good advice
  • Look for the review opinion about the walking shoes vendor
  • Read our additional tips and read more information on this site

3. Do you want to read more tips? We have them for you

We have the Following tips for walking shoes:

Tip 1. Try on walking shoes? Adjust your feet and cut your nails


Tip 2. Have hiking socks? Take them.


Tip 3. Buy Shoes? Take your time!

Tip 4. Avoid the busy times at the shop

Tip 5. Need walking shoes? Buy them well in advance.

Tip 6. Do not listen to whatever other advise you to buy your walking shoes!

Tip 7. Walking shoes are functional, do not be swayed by the appearance but on the comfort!


Tip 8. Afford to buy at least two pairs of shoes, but not too many shoes

Tip 1. Hiking shoes fit? Was just your feet and cut your nails

If you are going to try on walking shoes then try on when your feet is in their natural size. You should try on the new shoes at the end of the day because it is when your feet are the same crops. Cut your nails if it is necessary because if you have nails too long, you can not feel good on the shoes or the size of the shoe [How to make sure of your walking shoes size] will be chosen wrong.

Tip 2. Have hiking socks? Take them with you.

If you are going to buy hiking boots then you should apply this with walking socks. Have good walking socks and take them to the store. If you do not have them then that’s no problem. On a walking shoes specialist they will always have clean socks for you to try on.

Tip 3. Buy Shoes? Take your time!

Buying walking shoes takes some time. Do not buy them in a rush because it can turn out a bad buy and waste of money. Make sure you also have time.

You need to be keep in mind that you are well informed, your feet are measured carefully, and several at pairs must be tried on before you come to a good purchase.

 Tip 4. Avoid the busy times at the shop

Buying walking shoes requires time and attention from both you and the seller. The seller will certainly give you some time to be alone because he must divide his attention between multiple customers. If you come at a busy time of the shop then you should know that you may have to spend more time to try on the shoes.

You Should avoid busy days in the store like the Saturday and the Sunday (if the store open in Sunday). If you are unable to shop on weekdays then go on Saturday as early as possible. If you do not know when is the best time to come to the shoes store, if it is necessary, then call them in advance.

Tip 5. Need walking shoes? Buy them well in advance.

Maybe you need walking shoes for a holiday or for a walk. Do not buy them at the last moment! Although you usually walk, you should make sure to get used to you new walking shoes. More over, the chance of wasting money is bigger when you are going to buy a walking shoes in the rush.

Tip 6. Do not listen to whatever other advise you to buy your walking shoes!

If someone hears that you are going to buy a walking shoes and give you some advice that you need to buy a certain type of shoes, thank Immediately this person but remember this information! Every person has differential feet and a walking shoe is for very personal purposes!! Good shoes for this person can be a bad buy for others. Go to a good shoes store and look up for the information on this site, you can make a good purchase yourself. This includes tests that you might do in the consumers’ association ANWB guide or reading or some other respectable magazine. Information that you can take with you is the opinion on quality and durability but not about the fit or the comfort. This experience is different from each person. Go to the shop and have your own feelings! It’s finally your feet and your shoes not for anyone else

Tip 7. Walking shoes are functional, do not be swayed by the appearance on comfort!

You can not argue about taste of fashion, and that we will certainly do not account for as a criteria to choose a pair of walking shoes. One can find it a very nice walking shoe and the other hideous. If you find them hideous, please not be swayed by the appearance! For what you buy the walking shoes? At least not for a fashion show but perhaps for great walks. Put your vanity aside and let yourself be guided by the comfort and function of walking shoes. Our tip? Apply them with your eyes closed and let your feet tell you what shoes that they want !!

Tip 8. Afford to buy at least two pairs of shoes, but not too many shoes

It may be that the first pair of walking shoes that you wear are equally good. Our advice is to apply for at least one other pair. Those are maybe even better!

On the other hand, do not buy too many shoes! Do not try all the shoes in the shop on because it only makes the purchase much more difficult. Not all shoes which are in a store are suitable for you. If you buy in a walking shoes specialist then you can rely on the best advice of a good seller and make selection out of his suggestion.

Remember the tips [Good walking shoes: buying tips (Part 1)]and good luck with your purchase!

How to buy the right walking shoes? How do I prevent a bad buy?


Find your shoes? Want your walking shoes or hiking boots buy? Please take the time to read this page.

Buying walking shoes is a lot different than buying ordinary shoes. There are many more factors Involved in the purchase of a pair of walking shoe. It is nice When you go out for some delightful walking to the door and not subsequently come to the conclusion that you made a bad bargain. Hiking boots are not cheap and the wrong purchase is of course a waste of money.

1. Prepare and read some information about hiking

Buying a walking shoes or hiking shoes is very different than buying fashionable or everyday shoes. The mistake which is usually made is to choose the nice appearance shoes as best walking shoes for women, but all other aspects suddenly become important which you do not have to think about when buying an ordinary shoe.

So prepare well for all that information to read before proceeding to purchase. Soon it will be easier for you in the store to make a good decision on the walking shoes that best fit your feet.

On this site you will find all the information you need have to prepare well. Read this information fully care so that you are well prepared for a specialist of walking shoes before you purchase. You will have enough knowledge to avoid a bad buy.

2. There are many types of walking shoes, but which is suitable for you?

If you are not prepared for a store which you are going to buy your shoes then you will overload with a choice of hiking and walking shoes. At least you should visit a specialist.

You do not know what shoes suitable for you. If you have good staff, what today is unfortunately rare, he will ask what you want to use your walking shoes for or what category of shoes you want before you try on.

It is good that you are prepared for this question and myself know which category of mountain or walking shoes you are looking for. We work a lot with the category allocation: the A, B, C, D or E category (often best walking shoes for men).

3. Where do you buy your shoes? A specialist or just a sporting goods store?

Where you have the greatest choice of walking shoes and the best staff? At a specialist course. If you have some good walking shoes that you want to buy, it’s best to choose from a specialist when you look up in the region. Walking shoes are not the cheapest shoes and they last a long time so that you can need quite a bit more effort and time.

Begin your preparation on the Internet and looking for specialist here. Have you found a store you can see on their website if you are dealing with a specialist. View the range of mountain and walking shoes and read the information they have to tell about it.

Have you found a retailer? You can expect the following information:

  • A wide range of walking shoes
  • Well personal knowledge about walking shoes
  • An honest opinion
  • That staff pay attention to you and take the time for you
  • A good assortment of related items such as special hiking socks

4. Do your walking shoes fit? Please measure your feet!

The only way to find out whether the walking shoes are good is to try on shoes. The appearance of the shoes say nothing until you have them fitted. Fit does not mean you should buy them right away.

Are you going to buy walking shoes then good shop will first measure your feet. It is important to ensure that you end up buying the right size shoe. Although the measured size is not everything, it gives at least a good indication. Keep in mind that your walking shoe probably at least one size bigger than your regular shoes must buy.

Besides the fact that your feet are measured, the seller can also flush your viewing feet. Immediately he can see what type of foot you have and find out what shoes to fit your feet. Do you have wide feet for example, then it makes no sense to let you try narrow shoes on.

Once your feet are measured well by the seller and you get on the basis of the category of shoe that you need and the type of foot you have, several pairs of walking shoes suggested.

If you have a pair of walking shoe from the right category then try them on and walk around the store and please note the following:

  • Your toes should not touch the front and must be free
  • The shoes should never pinch. They are allowed to give support and firmly seated on
  • Your sole must be very well be fixed down. At low walking shoe with a firm sole which may make your heels a little bit coming up but without this irritating.
  • They have good walking shoes may be different from the other brand or type of shoe.
  • Only a minimum of two different pairs in order to compare. But does not try on all shoes from the store because then you will look the forest for the trees. A good salesperson comes with only a limited number of walking shoes that fit your feet.

5. Are your shoes fit? Have your feelings!

Now you’re fitting the boots. Then it is very important that you tell the seller what you feel. Because only on the basis of what you feel define whether the salesman are skillful or not, they will advise you to take the shoes or find another that you have to adjust. The seller will also have to ask about your feelings.

If you have the feeling that the shoe is too small, tell the seller right away. Because the seller can not feel what you feel. It is important that you let him know. Similarly to if the shoe pinches but if the shoe is completely perfect. Let the seller hear what you feel until the right shoe to come in the right size.

When you finally have multiple pairs of appropriate shoes and you have no objections then you can proceed with the purchase of shoes. Eventually you yourself are the one who decides which shoe is the best [Walking shoes, which are the best?] and you decide what you are buying not a shoe salesman who told which shoes you should buy. Consider carefully and make good decision.