How to make sure of your walking shoes size?

Fitting walking shoes is essential

In recent years more and more people was wondering whether they could give advice on the right walking shoe size. A wrongly chosen walking shoe can cause damage in the future to muscles fand joints. According to a large demand for expert advice, some study have been carried out. PK has made a free foot and gait analysis. Only in this way will the consultant together with you can find out the walking shoes which best suites your foot type, body type and running style.

Free foot and gait analysis

Unique method

To prevent blisters, back problems and injuries, it is important that you wear walking shoes that fit your body and workout style. A pair of wrongly chosen walking shoe can cause damage in the future to muscles and joints.

The expert consultants fit a unique way of working, so that you can rest and assure that you will go home with the right walking shoe.

Introductory talk

In the introductory discussion, various data have discussed with you, such as training data, complaints and injury history. This information is indeed a major role in finding the right walking shoe.

Foot Mirror Analysis

At the foot mirror analysis feet from underexposed, so the advisor can see what type of foot you have and what you need from a walking shoes. After the foot mirror analysis you will know which walking style and which shoes are possibly suitable for you.

From this selection of walking style, the consultant will work with you to find out what shoes are the best in fit and settlement. You can indicate your wishes on the shoe yourself. The various materials are also discussed and we look for what best suits your training style.


When you have a number of suitable shoes fit, you often already have a slight preference for a particular pair of shoe. To ensure that this really is the best choice for you, try the shoe on the 35 meter long indoor walk to settle it once more thoroughly. This tells the advisor that this is really the most appropriate shoes to you.


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