Walking shoes, which are the best?

The question to choose walking shoes: “which are the best?” is sometimes not able to answer and luckily I got the opportunity to test the best walking shoes. A comparison!

Walking shoes

The result of this test questions from our community and my walking tours that we want to do in the Scottish highlands. So I’m going to test several walking shoes to get the best and I’m not going to cut it.

Cheap walking shoes

So if you’re looking for cheap hiking boots then you better think of Googling for another test of walking shoes. Although there are walking shoes which are cheap, often expensive one are bought because the risk of injury is lower in my experience.

Test walking shoes

Every year there is a comprehensive walking test held among others by the ANWB. It is nice, but what is the mean of such a walking test anyway? It says at least nothing that the shoe which is the best in ANWB walking test has also been the best shoe for you. All in all, below you can read more about the pros and cons of a walking test.The best walking shoes do not exist, but the best walking shoes for you does!

A cheap walking shoe is not automatically a bad walking shoe and therefore a cheap walking shoe can be a good walking shoe for you.

Conversely, it also works like this: a very expensive walking shoe can also be a terrible walking shoe for you because it does not reflect your wishes and running style.

A walking shoe is only good when (the walking shoe category) it fits your usage and your feet. Each foot is different and thus the shoe as very good, the test is still very bad on your feet, because it is just not right away.

To summarize: Each walker walks differently and therefore the shoe as moderate coming from the test, yet good enough for you as a walker which not more than one-block walk around the house with the dog … if the walking shoe is perfect!

Requirements of walking shoes

What is important about walking? Really only one thing:

– Will I get no blisters or sore feet along with it?

Blisters or sore feet screw up a great walking or hiking completely so this must be prevented. If walking shoes do make my feet sore or get me blisters then I will not take them.

Shoes to walk with long distance

It is usually walking shoes which in the category B or B/C are perfect for this

In addition, walking shoes are fine as they are:

– Do not be too hot

– Do not be too cold

– Do not stink too hard

– Do not wear out quickly

Light hiking

Choose now for those glitzy shoes or more modern light walking shoes? On vacation in the summer you can go with shoes that are not not waterproof, in fine colors for every far walk.

High or low boots

High shoes are also sometimes demanded to protect your ankles and your foot to flip fine and that is why many hikers choose them. I also go with high shoes when I walk on rough terrain but I prefer low one as it is friendly flat walk.

Choosing best walking shoes

Best walking shoes I choose only just go for quality as high comfort without blister and feet sore


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